The Hygge Bakery

SØDT is pronounced soot and is Danish for sweet.
SØDT makes traditional artisan breads and pastries alongside a range of original rye based recipes, developed and made exclusively by SØDT. We use natural ingredients and slow fermentation for extra depth of flavour. All our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and we favour small producers.
We are passionate about real bread and delicious food.



We deliver our freshly baked sourdough breads and pastries daily from Tuesday - Sunday in West Sussex and parts of Hampshire and Surrey. A small selection of our products are below, please contact us for our full wholesale product list.

SPANDAUER - A traditional Danish flaky pastry with a creme patissiere filling

POPPY SEED PASTRY - A traditional Danish flaky pastry with marzipan filling, topped with poppy seeds

CINNAMON SWIRL - A soft dough pastry with cinnamon and marzipan filling

BROWNIE - Rich chocolate brownie with a gooey centre

SØDT ORIGINAL - Troels and Pawel’s original sourdough recipe. A multi cereal loaf with wholemeal, white and rye

SPELT & HONEY - A spelt and wheat loaf with depth of flavour from the sourdough starter, nutty undertones from the spelt and a little sweetness from the honey

 CORN BREAD - A yeasted wheat and maize bread with sunflower seeds

4 SEED SOUR - A multi cereal sourdough bread with malty undertones and a mix of seeds

WHITE TIN - A yeast and sourdough combination for lightness and fuller flavour


Rye products can be delivered nationwide, please contact us for more information

DANISH RYE BREAD - A sourdough dark malted wholegrain rye bread with seeds, based on Troels’s grandmother’s recipe. This bread is best kept in a sealed bag in the fridge where it will last for up to 10 days

NORDIC RYE BREAD - A lighter rye bread without whole grains or seeds. This is also best kept in a sealed bag in the fridge and will last up to 5 days

RYEOLA® - A variation of granola using rye as the only cereal. The recipe includes sprouted rye grains. Ryeola has a shelf life of 3 months

RYEOLA® SLICE - A cereal slice with rye as the only cereal. The recipe includes sprouted rye grains. The slices have a shelf life of 10 days

RYE CRACKERS - Crispy bite size pieces of oven baked plain rye bread. Delicious with dips or on their own. Rye Crackers have a shelf life of 4 months